Alder Creek Farm


Whether you are a seasoned lamb connoisseur or would just like to try lamb for the first time, Alder Creek Farm has available product for you!  A variety of lamb cuts can be sold individually or you can purchase larger quantities such as a half lamb or whole lamb order.

If you have never had lamb before but would like to try, just let us know.  We will set you up with a cut, a recipe and some cooking advice!

If you are a seasoned lover of lamb, we are sure you are going to love our product!

Below is a list of available cuts of lamb and prices.  Please note, due to demand, not all cuts will be available at all time.  Thanks!

Leg of Lamb


Leg of Lamb Boned & Rolled


Lamb Stew


Ground Lamb


Rack of Lamb


Lamb Chops

4 pieces per pack – 1″ thickness

Lamb Shanks


Honey Garlic Sausage


Half-lamb – 20 to 25 lbs


Whole lamb – 40 to 50 lbs



Click here to download a printable order form.