Quality Ontario Lamb. Raised in the heart of the Ottawa Valley.

About the Farm

A Passion for Farming for Five Generations

Alder Creek Farm has been in our family for 5 generations. Today, we operate as a sheep farm, producing quality Ontario Lamb in the Ottawa Valley.  

Our flock is about 80 ewes in size, and they spend their days grazing the pastures around the farm under the watchful eye of our guardian lama Gus, and our dogs Champ & Rufus. 

Roaming the barnyard, hunting mice in the fields, or sleeping in the attic, you’ll find our cats Rosa, Miko, Yeti and Soju. Read on to learn more about the animals on the farm. 

Meet the Farm Animals

Our farm is home to more than just our flock of ewes. They all play a role in keeping the sheep safe, pests under control, and our family entertained. 


Gaurdian Lama

Gus is our guardian lama who lives and grazes alongside the flock to deter any predators like coyotes from harming the flock. However, he’s a very friendly lama.


The Sheep Dog

Champ is our high energy herding dog who helps us bring the flock in from pasture. You can usually find Champ intently watching the flock, or playing with his soccer ball.


Our Horse

Candy is our resident horse. She loves hay, treats, trail walks, and running in the front pasture. When she’s not out galavanting, she keeps the rams company.